May 26, 2011

A Quick Update

Hello's been a while.

things have been busy for me. With Joey being back at work, it's a constant battle to balance everything out, so that things are getting done, but Also not pushing my body too much. I just havn't found the chance to get on here. I had a dr appointment last week, I drove myself (drive number 2) and while I was there I also saw the medical secretary and requested copies of my records from my hospital stay. while there are so many memories that I can't forget, I also think the notes will help me have kind of an outline to go by and hopefully finish teing ava's birth story and our journey through it all. I'm also interested in seeing what the dr's actually wrote since they seemed to sways tell me one thing and do another. There are so many emotions that come with the memories, I've been trying to write some things out as they come to me. I have a few "events" written out. So hopefully soon I'll be able to share with you all and begin also sharing the big things God has been doing since then. He is so good!

Thank you all for being so patient, and understanding. I oftn wish I waas able to write more. But I'm also thankful for the reasons, that I often have to skip writing for. My children need me all the time, since we made big changes at home and have donny's family living here the gi rls have struggled to nap. So everyday when i Grr y to get a rest, inevitably someone is always awake, or crying or getting into something ( usually jojo. Lol) they did much better sleeping in separate rooms, but one that they are sharing again, it's tough. Whenever Joey is h ome he usually needs to study so i try to take care of things to allow him that time, and even when he I s able to help, I'm still doing things. It just seems like there's always something to do, you other mums know how that is.

Thank you for your prayers for Ava. She is doing so well! During therapy today miss Karen said she had taken a huge jump in development, and that she was amazed at how well she's doing. Ava is now doling over onto her tummy, sometimes rolls back. She's also starting to push up and support her weight on her arms. With miss karen's support on her chest sh e wil. Rock back and fo rth on her hands and knees, she tries to scoot, but needs to work more on her arm strength. She can almost sit, she is getting stronger in her trunk, and also shifting her weight side to sid instead of leaning forward. Overall she is doing so well. Miss Karen also says the loud sounds and talking she is doing is a good indication that she is growing stronger, because she needs to uses a ot of muscles to make those loud sounds. We are so proud of our girl!!

Kyah, as some of you know, smashed her mouth on the bricks in our front garden. Her lips swelled up pretty bad, and she knocked two of her front teeth back a little. She is slowly healing and the swelling has gone down a lot. She told us from the very beginning whe we'd ask how she was feeling "it hurts, but I'm ok" she's been such a trooper. Taking her medicine for the pain and also antibiotics. The dentist said her tooth could fall out, but we have to go back in two weeks to see how she is with out all the swelling, and he'll take x-rays then too. Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to pray with us that she will keep those baby teeth, and they won't hurt her adult teeth.

Jojo...well, she's as crazy as ever. She has a very hard time napping lately, and ends up trying to change her own diaper, painting with poop, wipes everywhere (at least she tries to clean up right?) clothes out etc. She's just crazy. Surprisingly she hasn't had any decent injuries lately, she's the one that's usually geting knocked out. She knows how to quote psalm 1 better than her big sissy now. We're working on kyah...she used to do it so well.

Both the girls know about the first 10 questions and answers in the children's catechism. We are so proud of them, we continue to enjoy our nightly family bible studies, teaching the girls God's word, and are so thrilled with how much they retain, it helps so much when disciplining to be able to remind them of what we've learned, and what God expects.

Continue tp pray for my healing as I am not anywhere near back to normal yet. To look at, things may seem normal, but i still deal with a ot of pain, and struggle constantly with trying to do "normal" things and hurting afterwards. We are continuing to look to the Lord for His guidance in all we do, and for the strength to continue on. I could not have gotten through all this without My Saviour!!

Some of the tthings that happens to me are quite scary and upsetting so bear with me as I open my heart to you all. I pray that through this you will deepen your faith and that there may even be some saved. I know f others whose blogs have grown in large due to their birth stories of having a child with down syndrome, and that is just the beginning for us, there is so much more to tel, and so much od God's goodness to share. I pray that I can be a goo d steward of the opportunity God has given to share Him in such a way.

Keep Looking Up!

May 11, 2011

Back Behind The Wheel

Yesterday I had  a Physical Therapy appointment. It was with a new therapist, that specializes in injuries like mine. Joey arranged with his work to come home early to take me.

You see, I havn't been anywhere in the last 6 months by myself...I havn't been able to drive, I still can't sit in a normal chair.  So yesterday when Joey got home, he said, "are you gonna drive?" I said,"no, I think it will hurt to much, I don't know if I can" So he suggested going around the block and if it hurt too bad to just come back and he could pack up the kids and we'd all go. 

So I gathered my things, and hobbled out to the car. I was scared, and I was already hurting, so I was afraid of hurting myself more, I didn't know if I'd be able to sit. I am short, I normally sit really straight, and forward, so I didn't know how I'd drive, being somewhat reclined and having to stretch out my foot.

I slid into the car, placed my purse and cane on the passenger side. Put in the keys and started the car. As soon as I did it Kyah came running out to the car. I had had to work hard to convince the girls to stay inside, they kind of freaked out when I was leaving. They are a little sensitive to being without us now, after all that happend. They especially worry when leaving me, and this was the first time I was to leave them, since everything happend.

I shut off the car, not knowing if she ran out on her own. Then JoJo came up behind her, and then Joey. I told him it worried me, when they came running out, and asked what they were doing, he just said, "we're coming out to see mommy drive, and wave bye" He had the biggest grin on his face. I thought it was so cute the way they were so excited. At the same time i felt like quite the spectical!

I pulled out of the driveway, and drove away...around the block, I felt very nervous, like at any minute a car would pop out and hit me, or I'd forget something, or do something wrong. I almost went back. But I didn't.

I turned the music up a little, and soaked up the fact that I was doing this. I was driving, music going, all by of the few things I love to do by myself, and hadn't done much even before I was injured. Windows down, I drove on. I felt pain, and i tried to adjust the seat, it was painful, but somewhat bearable. I spent the 5-10 min drive thinking about how far I've come. I was a little worried, a little scared, a little paranoid. But I also was thankful. Just a few months ago, I couldn't even move without crying in pain, I couldn't walk, I almost lost my life. Here I was driving down the road, to an appointment. I almost felt "normal" ...almost. It felt so good!

I went in to my therapy appointment, and met Erika. She is awesome. She asked questions, tested out what I can do, we discussed a few excersizes to help me gain strength, but not overdo it. I left there feeling uplifted. I have waited so long, and prayed so hard for the right help. I have been through countless attempts at getting help. Finally we're on the right track. Thankyou Lord!!

I Drove home amazed at the body's ability to remember. My mind was racing, and concerned about remembering to drive right, but I found myself turning the wheel just like always without even really thinking about it, green light, turn, red slow and stop, ok, green, go now...all the while soaking it all up..singing my heart out to the Lord.  Oh God is so good!

An important fact, breaking, whether slowly or suddenly, HURTS! In case you didn't know. :D I won't be making it a habit to pick up driving totally, as it does hurt quite a bit, but now I know I can do it. Praising the Lord for His goodness. In ALL things give thanks!!!


May 2, 2011


I've had this post on my mind for while, but havn't had the chance to write it out...and wouldn't you know it, my pastor preached on thankfulness yesterday. So here goes.

Just think for a moment, about how you go about your day. Do you drive anywhere? Run errands? Perhaps you go for a nice walk around your neighborhood?  Go to the store? Sit down somewhere? Go out to eat? Chase your children...

Now think about this...imagine you can't just get out and drive. Imagine you have someone take you out but once you get there you have nowehere to sit.  Imagine you can only walk so far before you are in a lot of pain. You can't chase your children, can't go out to eat, miss baby showers, luncheons etc. because you can't sit in a regular chair. Makes you pretty restricted right.

That is my reality...

But I am thankful. I am thankful that I am healing, I am thankful that I am not in as excruciating pain as I was before. I am thankful God has sustained my life, I am thankful for having the children I do. I am thankful for brothers and sisters in law that are helpful and caring, I am thankful for true friends traveling long ditances to provide me some help, I am thankful for growing in the Lord through everything he brings my way. I am SO thankful for all that i have.

 So if you begin to feel down, which we all do at times, just ponder for a minute. Remember all the Lord has done. Things can change so quickly...always be thankful! Always!

I was watching a christian movie the other day in which the mom told the teenage daughter, "If you don't start thanking Jesus for all He's given you, maybe we'll have to start taking some of it starting with your cell phone." haha I love that.

Be thankful. Because you are not guarunteed tomorrow. Count your considerate of others.

And if others try to put you down. Don't let them. Search yourself out and if you are following God, and His example. Leave them to themselves, they can't put their agenda over God's.  Look to the Lord for your standard to live by. And Be blessed.

Keep Looking Up!