Jun 6, 2012

God is good...chipping away at that mountain.

We finished our Celebrating Home fundraiser over a week ago, and our final total profit was $1115

Our hat auction put on by The Charis Babe raised about $85

Our Auction for Jaxon started by my awesome friend Priscilla Morse will have raised about $200 once all payments have been made.

Our Yard sale raised $1275.

Some friends of ours in Oklahoma also had their own yard sale to raise money for Jaxon and raised about $827 that went into our FSP. (we can access these funds after getting our first travel date)

We are slowly chipping away at this looming money mountain... God has been good.

Please pray that we can have our Phsych evaluations done asap, and they won't cost a fortune. We need them done to add to our home study, and hoping once it's complete we can send our dossier. Then we wait for a travel date.

Please continue to pray for us in this journey. We can't wait to go meet our son!

We still need to raise $2000 - $3000 in the next two weeks!

Keep Looking Up!