Nov 20, 2012

Let's make a Chain...and set him FREE!

We are making a paper chain for our boy...

He has spent his life in "bondage" behind the walls of an orphanage. We want to set him free, give him a family, make him ours. Show him love, nurture him, help him learn and grow.

But we can't do this without your help.

For every $2 donation we will write the name of your choice on a paper chain. Whether it be an individual, a family, whoever you would like represented on the chain. We will put it together as donations are made, and hang it in his room.

Let's see how long we can make this!!

Let's make a chain that will help set him free from the "chains" he is currently in.

Will you help us?

Donations can be made through the Gray ChipIn on the right side of the blog, or through this link.

Thank you to all who have helped so far, and will do so in future.  We have been so blessed with many supportive friends.

Keep Looking Up!


  1. Ashley Silvey
  2. Rosalinda Gray
  3. Rosalinda Gray
  4. Rosalinda Gray
  5. Rosalinda Gray
  6. Rosalinda Gray
  7. Susan Brown
  8. Kara McIntee
  9. Kara McIntee
  10. Tina Goodcase
  11. Amanda Skinner
  12. Aaron Skinner
  13. Daniel Skinner
  14. Katie Skinner
  15. Addie Skinner
  16. Juliet Skinner
  17. Jennifer Hamilton
  18. Rusty
  19. Patch
  20. Annie
  21. Gonzo
  22. Gracie
  23. Fumiko Takatsu
  24. Emmanuel Moral
  25. Marilou Moral
  26. Nikole Moral
  27. Jemima Moral
  28. Luis Moral
  29. Aaron Moyer
  30. Jenny Moyer
  31. Tiger Moyer
  32. Elijah Moyer
  33. Jo-Ella Moyer
  34. Vitaly Moyer
  35. Rebecca & Justin Green
  36. Rebecca & Justin Green
  37. Rebecca & Justin Green
  38. Rebecca & Justin Green
  39. Rebecca & Justin Green
  40. Rebecca & Justin Green
  41. Rebecca & Justin Green
  42. Rebecca & Justin Green
  43. Rebecca & Justin Green
  44. Rebecca & Justin Green
  45. Cathy Napier
  46. Cathy Napier
  47. Cathy Napier
  48. Cathy Napier
  49. Cathy Napier
  50. Cathy Napier
  51. Cathy Napier
  52. Cathy Napier
  53. Cathy Napier
  54. Cathy Napier
  55. Grace Saulog
  56. Neil Kruse
  57. Brandon Willis
  58. Jennifer Willis
  59. Dasha Willis
  60. Emily Willis
  61. The Jones Family
  62. Ashley Quinn
  63. Kelly D.
  64. Kyle D.
  65. Charlotte D.
  66. Josephine D. 
  67. Anna Ruth D. 
  68. Mary Carling
  69. Sandy Mutovic
  70. Josh Dack
  71. Susan Dack
  72. Aden Dack
  73. Anna
  74. The Dacks
  75. The Estes Family
  76. The Estes Family
  77. The Estes Family
  78. The Estes Family
  79. The Estes Family
  80. Shawna Bellomy
  81. Gloria Day
  82. Alison Holshouser
  83. Caleb Bellomy
  84. Jeremiah Walls
  85. Justin Walls
  86. Caleb Chatham
  87. Tammie Swinney
  88. Carolyn Denker
  89. Toni Becker
  90. Anna Lankin
  91. Anna Lankin
  92. Phil Blanco
  93. Lisa Blanco
  94. Matthew Blanco
  95. Abhijeet Lall
  96. Katie Lall
  97. Mandy Christian
  98. Mandy Christian
  99. Mandy Christian
  100. Mandy Christian
  101. Mandy Christian
  102. Linda Micallef
  103. Mia 
  104. Jett
  105. Jennifer Whelan
  106. Jennifer Whelan
  107. Jennifer Whelan
  108. Jennifer Whelan
  109. Jennifer Whelan
  110. Andrew Walls
  111. Paul Thompson
  112. Christi Thompson
  113. Gracie Thompson
  114. MaryClaire Thompson
  115. Julia Thompson
  116. Eben Thompson
  117. Alyssa Brannen
  118. Alyssa Brannen
  119. Alyssa Brannen
  120. Silvey Family
  121. Silvey Family
  122. Tammie Swinney
  123. Tammie Swinney
  124. Tammie Swinney
  125. Tammie Swinney
  126. Tammie Swinney
  127. Tammie Swinney
  128. Tammie Swinney
  129. Tammie Swinney
  130. Tammie Swinney
  131. Tammie Swinney
  132. Tammie Swinney
  133. Tammie Swinney
  134. Tammie Swinney
  135. Tammie Swinney
  136. Tammie Swinney
  137. Tammie Swinney
  138. Tammie Swinney
  139. Tammie Swinney
  140. Tammie Swinney
  141. Tammie Swinney
  142. Tammie Swinney
  143. Tammie Swinney
  144. Tammie Swinney
  145. Tammie Swinney
  146. Tammie Swinney
  147. Florence Barnsdale
  148. Florence Barnsdale
  149. Florence Barnsdale

Nov 1, 2012

Help Save Another...

You may think I'm raise money for another orphan you say...when you still have so much fundraising to do for your own family...??

Why Yes! The Goal: $1000. Nov1st through Dec 31st. Can you help us reach it. I will be advocating for sweet Sean to find a family, and help raise his fund. He currently has $10. Funds are a huge part of what stands in the way of these children finding families.

While I myself have struggled with the financial aspect at times, I have to trust that God will continue to provide. He gave us the start up funds, and we have been so blessed and have not been in want of funds when a need has risen in this adoption journey. Let's help bless another family with the beginning finances of their adoption, and let's pray that his family will come forward, and be encouraged. There are families out there...

We still have about $28,000 to go...but Sean...his goal for the next two months is to raise $1000. Can we do it? I think we can! I will be crafting Hair Clips, headbands etc to sell for funds for Sean. There will most likely be an auction. And those who donate $35 straight to his fund, will receive an ornament with his picture on it.

I have included the little button on the right side of the blog to make it easier if you'd like to donate.

Let's help our little guy's buddy find a family, and increase his fund!!

Keep Looking Up!