Aug 20, 2011


Hello Out there. It's been a while! Life has just been busy, 3 little kids, trying to do all the housework, plus trying to organise things so that we can start doing some preschool soon, and still recovering, and all of Ava's needs. Life is just busy. Plus I am married to a preacher, which means, my job is to take care of things while he studies. I love being able to benefit the ministry by doing my part, it just makes it tough sometimes, especially now. I will say though, that I am so proud of my husband, and the amount of time and dedocation He puts into His preaching, and I really think it shows! Love ya Babe! :D That being said I don't get a lot of "breaks" haha. I Love being  mommy, and a wife, but things havejust been tough on me lately. Savannah has not been going to sleep well at all. She has stamina like no other, you can do everything you can, and she will still scream for 2 hours before she goes to sleep. Talk about staying power, she is one stubborn kid. lol We have been trying to work with her on it, but sometimes we just have to say, Lord only you can help her now. She has her sweet moments, and she is a wonderful snuggler, and she gives the best kisses! Just sayin!

Kyah is doing well, she has been helping a lot, but has also started to learn how to try and voice her opinion over everything else, and gets super emotional, when something goes against the way she thought it should. We are helping her learn when is appropriate to say certain things, and when you just need to listen. Typical kid stuff...learning that sometimes you just have to trust your parents, because they know better than you. I am quite proud of her and the way she helps though, she does things kids twice her age don't even do, and I'm so thankful for such a willing helper, the bonus is, she does her jobs so well!! She actually helps. haha I praise the Lord for such a tenderhearted girl.

As for Miss Ava, she had her 6 month evaluation last week, her therapits came and the supervisors of the program, even a student teacher. oh, and she performed! We talked about the goals we ha set for her, what things she was doing now, milestones she has hit, setting new goals or reastblishing old ones. She just showed off on the mat in the middle of all the ladies. pushing up with her arms, grinning at each one. What a sweetheart she is! Pure radiant joy! SHe has come so far! THey all mentioned how well I was doing too, since some of them hadn't seen me since i was starting to use a walker, one of them hadn't seen me since i could hardly even get out of bed.

My update is BIG news!! I Finally got to see a physicl medecine doctor, and he ws awesome! He actually said, "so in essence we are dealing with two seperate problems here" meaning the sepertion of the pubic bone, which has been helped with therapy and excersizes I've been doing, and then the tailbone issue. So his plan is to get x-rays, which i did, I also need to get an MRI, FINALLY!! Then, I will go to the pain clinic to get a steroid shot in the tailbone area, and hopefully that will help with the pain, also I'm hoping the MRI may show what the problem is. I'm so thankful for seeing this doctor, I'm so glad that finlly someone is recognising that there are more issues than just the one. He actually assessed the situation and went by what I said...not what the diagnosis on paper said!! Also my physical therapist had sent him a message letting him know what had been going on, I think that helped a lot! 

I still hve to get the appointment for the MRI, but the pain clinic appointment is booked for Sept 26th! I also had them put me on the cancellation list so I can get in sooner if possible! We are coming up on a year since all of this happend...I can hardly believe it.

I will be back more often to post the details of what happend at Ava's birth. It's sometimes tough to recount the memories, but I feel that I can help a lot of people by telling it, and I also pray that God would use us to share the gospel, as it is HIS strength, and HIS alone that has gotten us through this trial.


Aug 12, 2011

Under Construction...

Please excuse the "not put together" look of the blog while I am updating the look.
Thankyou for your patience. :D