May 12, 2012

Mother's Day and A 1st Birthday!

This weekend is going to be a little bittersweet.  Sunday we will celebrate Mother's Day, I am blessed to be the mom/mum to 3 beautiful little girls. They are each unique in their own ways, and I treasure each one of them. My sweet big girl Kyah, who is sensitive and caring and keeps telling me how she can't wait til we go and get her baby brother. MyCrazy JoJo, who keeps me on my toes, she is wild and crazy, but has a huge heart! She is so snuggly and sweet, and she too is excited for baby Jaxon to share her room. And our sweet Ava...our little ray of sunshine. She is getting spunky, and turning into a toddler! She keeps us all smiling and laughing, she is quite the comedian.

We also celebrate our mothers. My mum who taught me how to be the mother that I am. I am so thankful for a mum that showed me love, taught me how to be responsible, and to care for others. I love you Mum!!

And thankyou Tammy For raising a son who has turned out to be a pretty great husband. We love you and are so thankful for you!!

As for Birthdays...

My 3 girls all have end of year birthdays...our family finishes out the year with a bang.

Kyah in September, Ava in October, Joey in November, then Savannah and I in December.

So who's birthday is in May?
Well my beautiful niece just turned 2...she has her very own holiday, Cinco de MAYA. ;) haha (at least we like to call it that) Maya is a little miracle!


Hopefully soon Maya will share her birthday month with her precious boy cousin...

Jaxon is turning ONE!

So this weekend/week (I can't be specific with dates on here) we will celebrate Mother's day, and Jaxon's 1st Birthday. We will make cupcakes, and share them with others, we will celebrate his precious life, knowing that for him it may just be another day without a mommy, or a daddy...or siblings...or cousins to share your birthday month with.

When Kyah turned one we had a celebration with family and friends...when savannah turned one, we had a Winter ONEderland celebration with family and friends, when Ava turned one we had a whole lot to celebrate!! Her Birth, and also My recovery...we celebrate these milestones, and make memories for a lifetime.

This first birthday for Jaxon sadly will be spent apart...

But Lord-willing, with the Lord's help and all of your help and support...we can celebrate together next year.

It's tough to think about him being so far away and us not being able to celebrate with him, show him love, and that he is celebrated, it just breaks my mommy heart to pieces!

I have calculated our immediate financial need to get our dossier submitted, by hopefully the first week of June (if the Home study is complete)  and in order to do this we will need about $5,000.

It will cost about $600- $800 to have all the documents apostilled.
Sending in our USCIS forms will cost about $890
FBI fingerprinting fees are $18 each, plus the cost of then posting them in the mail to get apostilled, apostille fees, and shipping back.
Sipping fees for our Dossier are going to be up there too.
Our Agency Fee to be sent when we submit our dossier will be $3500.

So as you can see, we're it's crunch time.

Our FSP stands at $150, and our Chip In is currently at $35 RED, and $194, for our puzzle fundraiser BLUE.  Our personal savings are depleting fast with all the up front costs.

Please pray with us, and consider donating $20 for Jaxon's Birthday. If all our friends just donated this small amount it would add up fast! The best birthday gift he could receive this year is coming home to his family!

I can't offer any material prizes, or incentives right now...other than the joy of knowing you helped an orphan gain a family...

Thank you all for your support, be it prayer, financial, or moral support. We appreciate it all! God has got us this far, without having to use any raised we need your help.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you wonderful mothers out there.

We will spend the day with our church family, at the park, the girls can't wait to make birthday cupcakes for Jaxon to share with our church family!

Keep Looking Up!

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