Apr 21, 2011

A Bumpy Road...Ava's Pregnancy. Part 1

I was hoping I might not get as sick as my other pregnancies this time. I almost made it to my first appointment at 8 weeks. But at about 6 1/2 weeks the full sickness hit me. Head on! I just woke up throwing up one morning and pretty much didn't  stop til a few days later when I got my meds... again. 

We waited to tell everyone til after the 8 wk ultrasound again. Except for a select few.

This is How we told...

 My pregnancy with Ava was so different.  It was much tougher on me than my other girls. (which at first made me think it could be a boy) I was even sicker this time...if you can believe it got worse!

I had my meds, but they didn't really work that well. My midwife doubled the dose and they still only took the edge off.  I spent most days feeling like I was starving hungry, but the thought of any kind of food was disgusting and nauseating. Even when I forced myself to eat something, I'd feel super sick and end up throwing up anyway. 

Throwing up all day every day is really draining, I was exausted!  I could hardly function.  Joey and I often went to batle over things not being done.  I was miserable, pregnancy takes a huge toll on me, and this time was bad.  I tried my best to take care of my two little girls, and keep things in order.  Some days were harder than others, but getting them to take a nap was key, if I could get a rest in...I could function somewhat ok in the evening. I found that with the medecine I could eat certain things if I felt like them, and it helped me not to feel as sick. I was very thankful for being able to eat something even if it wasn't a lot.

In the meantime, we had been saving up for Australia for some time. Since we knew when I'd be due now, and that it would be condusive to the timeframe for the good deal, we booked our tickets for August. I know I know, I said I'd never do it again. I guess I'm a sucker for trips to Australia...it's almost like I love going there...and love the people or something...  haha

In May I went to a Dr apt with my sister, where she found out that the baby had stopped growing. She was about 29 weeks along, but the baby was only measuring 25weeks.  That coupled with the fact that the dr freaked her out saying the baby's head was too big, was too much. She went into the hospital that night to find she had high blood pressure...and was heading into pre-ecclampsia.  I spent days and nights camped out in a chair at the hospital with her, explaining everything to her in terms she'd understand, and in ways that wouldn't freak her out. 

This is the girl that would graze her knee and think she was gonna die...I talked her through everything, and tried to reassure her it would be ok. I really trusted  that it would be. After being with her for days, I could tell when her blood pressure was getting too high, seeing the signs I asked them to take it even thugh they planned on waiting til morning.  They said they would wait. So mum and I deided to both stay that night. We had taken turns on other days. At about 7am they came and checked her blood pressure, it was something like 190/110 I just about fell on the floor! She was prepped for a c-section, ASAP. I spent this time trying to reassure mum, even though inside if I let myself I probably would have been freaking out.

As soon as Maya was born I went out of the room with her, mum stayed with Alyce.  I remember her being SO tiny! They were trying to get her to breathe. At that point, it all hit me.  What if she doesn't breathe, I could watch her die right here. I cried out to God. God, PLEASElet her breathe, please let her be ok, please breathe, please breathe. ...And then she squeaked.  I'll never forget that sound!! Thankyou Lord!  We took her to the NICU, and then I was able to go see Alyce. When she was born she weighed only 1lb. 9oz. I spent many weeks back and forth visitng, but she was totally covered by God's hand. She has been blessed with life, and is now almost 1 year old! I love my Maya bear and will always treasure her. I gave her that nickname, because she always growled when she was first born.

In May I had a wonderful visit from a wonderful friend...so thankful for you Susan...will have to elaborate on our adventures some other time, oh boy did we have fun!

We went to Old town Sacramento...

 The kids played...

We traveled to San Fransisco... 

We traveled to South Lake Tahoe...

Where we got locked out of the car...

In a snowstorm...

After Hot drinks and Cinnamon rolls, we speed shopped and got out of there...just in time...

We had a photo shoot in the Downtown Rose Garden...

Susan saw Maya...

It was a wonderful visit!

Anyway, I continued through the Pregnancy, but I struggled.  Joey even suggested we may have to be done having kids after this. So, for anyone that knows us, knows for him to say this, it was tough.  I had secretly hoped for twin boys, so I could be done with one pregnancy. I love kids, but pregnancy really kicks my butt!

On June 22nd, we went for our 20week ultrasound.  I had been telling Joey "it's gonna be a girl" just because I thought since everyone was so sure it was going to be a boy, that we'd get in there and they'd say it was a girl. I was prepared either way. 

We chit-chatted with the tech while she checked everything out.  This was the first time we had to wait til the end to find out the sex.  She knew we had two girls already... 
The time came and she got the perfect "leg view" I could easily tell by now that it was a girl, only it sounded like the tech said, "Well it's not a girl." I said, "what? it's not a girl" and she said, " no it is a girl." She had said, "well it's another girl" haha TOTALLY threw me off.

Then she did something none of the other techs had done before for us. She got a nice profile view, and she held the wand there. She just let us watch as our girl moved around. She looked like she was ready to box. I also remember pointing out the umbilical cord, how we could see it in such great detail and it looked perfect, smooth and a little twisty just how it should be. All was well with our baby girl.  We didn't do any extra tests, we hadn't had them with our other girls.  We always agreed there was no point.  If the baby had any "abnormalities" that wouldn't change our "options" we would never kill our baby!! 

We went out to the waiting room where Kyah and Savannah were waiting with Nana and Alyce.  We told them it was a girl. Kyah was SO excited!! She had said all along it was a girl.  We went to the Park with the kids and got $1 slushies to celebrate. We're having a girl...

Apr 13, 2011

A Look Back...Into My Future...

When I was a teen, after I first moved to the USA, I wrote poetry. I ejoyed writing when I felt the inspiration. It helped me to get through things, helped others, and I just plain enjoyed writing. I always have.

I havn't written any poetry since I've been married. Funny thing is, my now Hubby inspired some poems way back then, when he was just a friend...hmmm...

I didn't know then, how much of my future was in the poetry I was writing, hence this post's title.

Here is one of the Poems I wrote years ago. With the date stamp on the bottom. ( for the Aussies, the date is the "american" way) Oh, and since I made a reference to Joey inspiring some poems, they are Christ centered. So the He isn't Joey. haha 

When I am down and no-ones around,
He holds me in His arms.
When everything seems hopeless
and life seems just a mess,
He holds me in His arms.
When all that I can do is pray
and live my life from day to day,
He holds me in His arms.
Though life is hard and things get tough,
the grace He gives is just enough.
When I am weak and oh so low,
He draws me near and lets me know,
that though I can’t see clearly now,
He’ll get me through, He’ll show me how.
I thank you Lord for all the things
that you have given me,
trials unknown and blessings shown,
You give abundantly.
And though I cannot always see,
You are still here surrounding me.
You will leave me never,
I’m held in your arms forever!
Karly Jae

How amazing is it to read this after everything I've been through lately. Of course it applies to any trial. I just had to smile when I read this...God has brought me through SO many things! Thankyou Lord, for everything you have done in my life.


Apr 10, 2011

A Silvey Tale

My good friend Ashley Silvey (previously mentioned in Savannah's birth story) approached me about writing a blog entry for her to feature. I was there for one of the Silvey's "shining moments"and she thought it would be cool for me to write it, and feature me in her blog. Sweet!

Ashley writes a blog based on all those funny moments kids have. She has a large family, and they provide her with lots of material. Ashley is very witty, and has a special knack for turning these moments into Tales... 

Feel free to check her out at: silveytales.blogspot.com you won't be disappointed. My kids are sometimes featured also.

Here is the Tale I wrote:


Starring Michael Silvey

While fellowshipping at the back of the Church one evening...

Ashley Silvey, yes, THE Ashley Silvey of A Silvey Family Tale, sat talking with her mother (Stacy), her sister Sarah and I, one evening after Church. 

Stacy, of course had to get her Ava loves, so she took Ava from Ashley and invited Michael over to talk to Ava, as she was doing.    

Michael was overjoyed to have the chance to talk to Ava, up close no less! He was totally wrapped up in talking to her, and staring into her face, "Hiii Ava, Hiiii Ava..." he cooed with a big grin from ear to ear. We all smiled and watched as Michael's love for Ava radiated from his being.

Suddenly, he paused...an ever-so-serious look on his face, and looked up at his momma. "Mommy." he said, "Why is her face too big??"

We all immediately cracked up, and Sarah commented, "This will be a good one for the blog" We all agreed, and joked about how Sarah's line would give her a co-starring role in this blog tale. (Yay, Sarah...that's two now!)

And that is the story of how Michael discovered, that "Silvey cheeks" can also come on a Jaco.


Apr 7, 2011

When Ava was just a thought...

It was October 2009...and I was getting baby fever...BAD! 
We had already decided to wait at least a year before even thinking about having another baby. So much for that idea...

We began to think about it.  I thought it being October and all, that October would be a nice month to have a baby.  It was a nice time of year...I love fall babies.  I was excited, as I looked at due date calculators, and figured out all the dates of when my due date would be if I conceived each different month. Joey an I talked about it, and since an October baby would also go along with our wanting to wait til JoJo was a year old, that it sounded good. We agreed that it is of course up to God on the timing, but come January, we would try again...and hopefully get some great news, that we would have a third child.

You see, October sounded very appealing to me because Kyah was born in September, Joey's birthday is on November, and Savannah and I are both in December. This baby would fill the gap.  It was nice in concept, but we also knew that things like that ultimately can't be planned.

Even so...I did what any other mommy with baby fever waiting to try for another would do...I hopped on Babycenter! I had been on ther with the September board when I had Kyah, and made some good friends. Some that I would call some of my best friends now. I was so blessed to find ladies, practically by accident (although not according to God) that I share a lot in common with, other than just having babies in September 07.  With Savannah we didn't really have internet so I never connected with any mommies that had babies when I had her, though I knew people that were due around the same time already.  So, I wondered...it's only October 2009.  Would they have an October 2010 birth board yet, surely not. But there it was...a beautiful sight. The birth board, and I hesitated at first, not wanting to be one of the "crazies" but I decided to join, I never joined a birthclub before I was pregnant before. I am sure now, that God had a reason for it. I met a small group of ladies that I clicked with right away. People came and went, but there were a few key people. And we eventually decided to make our own private group.  I hardly went back to the birth board after that...I had found my friends. I was gonna stick with them.

I began to find things out in my wait about taking your temperature, keys to know when you could conceive etc... and I began doing those.  We really wanted a boy, so we wanted to time it right.  Our small group of ladies, tried to have October babies. I didn't conceive, four women did. And one got a little more than she bargained for. Lol (you know who you are) I won't rat you out. :D

there were 5 of us left. The next month, we tried again.  This time, I could of cared less about "trying for  a boy".  I went through the grueling two week wait...and eventually took a test the day before I promised I would wait til. It was a bright positive! I let out a little squeal, and even though I had decided to take a "cheap test" cos I couldn't wait, I figured it wouldnt show up, and in the morning I would take the Good one, and then tell Joey. I walked out to the kitchen, and whispered in his ear. We had company over. He grinned at me, and I said "shh..." It was our little secret. Oh, along with my babycenter mommies.  :D I conceived, along with my september mommy friend. (Love you So much!) I also found out that my other close September mommy friend conceived, without trying.(almost s if God planned it huh!)  And there you go, three of us pregnant at the same time again, wihtout even trying to plan it.  I was so excited!! As for the group one decided to wait longer, two more tried for a long time. And I am super excited that they are now also expecting! Another blessed momma got more than she bargained for. hehe what are the odds. God is just pouring out His abundant blessings on us. Anyway, back to the story.

After I found out I was pregnant, I mostly talked to these few ladies.  I didn't go on regular babycenter. I didn't know at this point, how these friendships I was creating, would be one of the biggest blessings when it came to giving birth, I didn't realise how reading one babycenter post would end up rocking my world to the core.  I didn't know it then...but God was preparing me. He had a lot in store for me...

I found out my due date was November 12th.  I was a little sad, because had I conceived for an October baby, I would have been due 10/10/10, nevertheless, I was greatful.  I was having a baby. I was blessed. And I didn't feel sick, which meant I didn't feel pregnant. But don't worry...it never fails Hyperemesis would rear it's ugly head eventually...it just enjoys tricking me.

In the weeks to come, I would be hit full force...to the point that my wonderful husband, considered maybe this should be our last baby, I would slightly agree, and then say...no...maybe we'll just wait 3 or 4 years this time. Have a nice long break in between so my body can rest.  Little did I know...just how my heart would break over thoughts of being able to have children or not in the future...almost as if God was preparing us again. Funny that.  He tends to do that...even when we don't realise it! Oh but what was to come, noone expects, noone prepares themself for it..

I am thankful that my God was preparing me... How I need Him so! Psalm 56:3...This would become my Motto.

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.


When Life gets in the Way...Look Up!

It's been 5 long months since I gave Birth to Ava.  How I wish I could have recorded more. I have journaled some, I plan on recording everything here.  It would have been a lot easier if I had been able to write it as we went through it. But Guess what...life got in the way.  Life... 

I am so thankful that I have life! I could have easily lost it. I could have lost my Ava...I was so close...it was a scary thing...thinking about my kids not having their mum, my husband not being with me at the time it was all happening, wanting so bad for him to be there, thinking how, I just wanted to listen to th preaching that morning, and here I was near death.  Puts things in perspective a little bit, huh?

So these past few months, that I've fully intended to get our story up on this blog, I've somewhat hesitated...but also life has just gotten in the way, and I am thankful for it. So I say when life gets in the way, soak it up, and look to the Lord, thank Him, for giving you life. Thank Him that the laundry has piled up because you've just been spending "too much" time with your little one...some times you just have to weigh the decisions and decide what is more important.  Don't fret over, chores not done...remember those precious times with your children. You never know how it all could change in an instant!

This is coming from the Major house-cleaning perfectionist. I have spent time through pregnancies, so sick I couldn't do a thing, gone through the periods of needing to just let go, because I was too pregnant to do certain things, and now the biggest challenge of letting go completely...when you can't move or get out of bed, you can't fret the small things.  Letting go is so hard!

God has taught me so much through everything we have been through, and I am so thankful.  I am thankful that He has shown me things, I would not have seen before, I am thankful for extra time spent in God's Word...one of the huge bonuses of being stuck in bed! I am just thankful...

So as I sit here, watching kids play, dressing them, reading them Bible stories, coaching them on how to behave and solve conflict, how to live...how to follow God. I am thankful, I am thankful, that sometimes life just gets in the way, and causes us to stop what we're trying t accomplish, and causes us to pause, to ponder, to reflect. No matter what it is on your to do list, be sure and be thankful...you have a to do list, you are living, don't forget to enjoy it.

Things can change in an instant. Soak up every moment you can. Enjoy Life. Seek God. Trust me..when you lean on Him...there's no way it could get any better! He is the ultimate!  

PSALM  105:1-5
O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.
Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works.
Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.
Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore.
Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;