Apr 13, 2011

A Look Back...Into My Future...

When I was a teen, after I first moved to the USA, I wrote poetry. I ejoyed writing when I felt the inspiration. It helped me to get through things, helped others, and I just plain enjoyed writing. I always have.

I havn't written any poetry since I've been married. Funny thing is, my now Hubby inspired some poems way back then, when he was just a friend...hmmm...

I didn't know then, how much of my future was in the poetry I was writing, hence this post's title.

Here is one of the Poems I wrote years ago. With the date stamp on the bottom. ( for the Aussies, the date is the "american" way) Oh, and since I made a reference to Joey inspiring some poems, they are Christ centered. So the He isn't Joey. haha 

When I am down and no-ones around,
He holds me in His arms.
When everything seems hopeless
and life seems just a mess,
He holds me in His arms.
When all that I can do is pray
and live my life from day to day,
He holds me in His arms.
Though life is hard and things get tough,
the grace He gives is just enough.
When I am weak and oh so low,
He draws me near and lets me know,
that though I can’t see clearly now,
He’ll get me through, He’ll show me how.
I thank you Lord for all the things
that you have given me,
trials unknown and blessings shown,
You give abundantly.
And though I cannot always see,
You are still here surrounding me.
You will leave me never,
I’m held in your arms forever!
Karly Jae

How amazing is it to read this after everything I've been through lately. Of course it applies to any trial. I just had to smile when I read this...God has brought me through SO many things! Thankyou Lord, for everything you have done in my life.


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