Apr 10, 2011

A Silvey Tale

My good friend Ashley Silvey (previously mentioned in Savannah's birth story) approached me about writing a blog entry for her to feature. I was there for one of the Silvey's "shining moments"and she thought it would be cool for me to write it, and feature me in her blog. Sweet!

Ashley writes a blog based on all those funny moments kids have. She has a large family, and they provide her with lots of material. Ashley is very witty, and has a special knack for turning these moments into Tales... 

Feel free to check her out at: silveytales.blogspot.com you won't be disappointed. My kids are sometimes featured also.

Here is the Tale I wrote:


Starring Michael Silvey

While fellowshipping at the back of the Church one evening...

Ashley Silvey, yes, THE Ashley Silvey of A Silvey Family Tale, sat talking with her mother (Stacy), her sister Sarah and I, one evening after Church. 

Stacy, of course had to get her Ava loves, so she took Ava from Ashley and invited Michael over to talk to Ava, as she was doing.    

Michael was overjoyed to have the chance to talk to Ava, up close no less! He was totally wrapped up in talking to her, and staring into her face, "Hiii Ava, Hiiii Ava..." he cooed with a big grin from ear to ear. We all smiled and watched as Michael's love for Ava radiated from his being.

Suddenly, he paused...an ever-so-serious look on his face, and looked up at his momma. "Mommy." he said, "Why is her face too big??"

We all immediately cracked up, and Sarah commented, "This will be a good one for the blog" We all agreed, and joked about how Sarah's line would give her a co-starring role in this blog tale. (Yay, Sarah...that's two now!)

And that is the story of how Michael discovered, that "Silvey cheeks" can also come on a Jaco.


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