Apr 7, 2011

When Ava was just a thought...

It was October 2009...and I was getting baby fever...BAD! 
We had already decided to wait at least a year before even thinking about having another baby. So much for that idea...

We began to think about it.  I thought it being October and all, that October would be a nice month to have a baby.  It was a nice time of year...I love fall babies.  I was excited, as I looked at due date calculators, and figured out all the dates of when my due date would be if I conceived each different month. Joey an I talked about it, and since an October baby would also go along with our wanting to wait til JoJo was a year old, that it sounded good. We agreed that it is of course up to God on the timing, but come January, we would try again...and hopefully get some great news, that we would have a third child.

You see, October sounded very appealing to me because Kyah was born in September, Joey's birthday is on November, and Savannah and I are both in December. This baby would fill the gap.  It was nice in concept, but we also knew that things like that ultimately can't be planned.

Even so...I did what any other mommy with baby fever waiting to try for another would do...I hopped on Babycenter! I had been on ther with the September board when I had Kyah, and made some good friends. Some that I would call some of my best friends now. I was so blessed to find ladies, practically by accident (although not according to God) that I share a lot in common with, other than just having babies in September 07.  With Savannah we didn't really have internet so I never connected with any mommies that had babies when I had her, though I knew people that were due around the same time already.  So, I wondered...it's only October 2009.  Would they have an October 2010 birth board yet, surely not. But there it was...a beautiful sight. The birth board, and I hesitated at first, not wanting to be one of the "crazies" but I decided to join, I never joined a birthclub before I was pregnant before. I am sure now, that God had a reason for it. I met a small group of ladies that I clicked with right away. People came and went, but there were a few key people. And we eventually decided to make our own private group.  I hardly went back to the birth board after that...I had found my friends. I was gonna stick with them.

I began to find things out in my wait about taking your temperature, keys to know when you could conceive etc... and I began doing those.  We really wanted a boy, so we wanted to time it right.  Our small group of ladies, tried to have October babies. I didn't conceive, four women did. And one got a little more than she bargained for. Lol (you know who you are) I won't rat you out. :D

there were 5 of us left. The next month, we tried again.  This time, I could of cared less about "trying for  a boy".  I went through the grueling two week wait...and eventually took a test the day before I promised I would wait til. It was a bright positive! I let out a little squeal, and even though I had decided to take a "cheap test" cos I couldn't wait, I figured it wouldnt show up, and in the morning I would take the Good one, and then tell Joey. I walked out to the kitchen, and whispered in his ear. We had company over. He grinned at me, and I said "shh..." It was our little secret. Oh, along with my babycenter mommies.  :D I conceived, along with my september mommy friend. (Love you So much!) I also found out that my other close September mommy friend conceived, without trying.(almost s if God planned it huh!)  And there you go, three of us pregnant at the same time again, wihtout even trying to plan it.  I was so excited!! As for the group one decided to wait longer, two more tried for a long time. And I am super excited that they are now also expecting! Another blessed momma got more than she bargained for. hehe what are the odds. God is just pouring out His abundant blessings on us. Anyway, back to the story.

After I found out I was pregnant, I mostly talked to these few ladies.  I didn't go on regular babycenter. I didn't know at this point, how these friendships I was creating, would be one of the biggest blessings when it came to giving birth, I didn't realise how reading one babycenter post would end up rocking my world to the core.  I didn't know it then...but God was preparing me. He had a lot in store for me...

I found out my due date was November 12th.  I was a little sad, because had I conceived for an October baby, I would have been due 10/10/10, nevertheless, I was greatful.  I was having a baby. I was blessed. And I didn't feel sick, which meant I didn't feel pregnant. But don't worry...it never fails Hyperemesis would rear it's ugly head eventually...it just enjoys tricking me.

In the weeks to come, I would be hit full force...to the point that my wonderful husband, considered maybe this should be our last baby, I would slightly agree, and then say...no...maybe we'll just wait 3 or 4 years this time. Have a nice long break in between so my body can rest.  Little did I know...just how my heart would break over thoughts of being able to have children or not in the future...almost as if God was preparing us again. Funny that.  He tends to do that...even when we don't realise it! Oh but what was to come, noone expects, noone prepares themself for it..

I am thankful that my God was preparing me... How I need Him so! Psalm 56:3...This would become my Motto.

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.


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  1. yes I remember this. I remember getting a txt one evening about it because u didnt wanna be big and prego at the wedding! I was so happy to be expecting another nephew or niece (and O how I love my Ava)