Apr 27, 2012

Find A Family Friday - Keegan and Juliette

I am planning on starting a new weekly post. Find A Family Fridays. These posts will include one or two children that are still in need of families to adopt them.

Keep in mind that there are ALWAYS ways you can help, even if you cannot adopt. You can advocate for these little sweeties, you can share them with others, you can donate to their funds.

You can look up the families that are already committed to bringing children home, we all appreciate any help bringing our children home.

You never know who may see these children and feel called to go get them, maybe YOU will be the one to show someone their future child?

First up I want to tell you about Keegan.

This little sweetheart is only 15 months old... He will be transferred to an ADULT mental institution if nobody comes for him. Normally this would happen when he is 4-5 years old. THIS IS URGENT!! If nobody comes for him, NOW, he will be transferred. This is imminent. His Baby house/orphanage is closing! 

Here is Ava at about 15 months old...

At 15 months, Ava had a family to love her... she could play with her big sisters. She was celebrating a big sisters birthday with a huge family gathering. She has been the center of attention for many people, she had cousins to love her, and play with. She had life! 

Imagine how Keegan would thrive with a family to love him. A mommy to cheer him on and help him learn, to nurture him, and comfort him. A Daddy to go places with, to learn those fun guy things with, to look up to. Maybe brothers and sisters to play with, cousins to visit, grandparents to dote on him. The possibilities are endless...

BUT, if nobody commits to bring him home...his life will look entirely different. This is hard to think about, but it MUST be done. We cannot look away from these needs to protect our own feelings. He needs our help. He will be put in an INSTITUTION! With grown men. There they will all sit, waiting out their days...sitting in their own filth...he may live for years in this miserable place, staring at blank walls, listening to the moans of others, no love or attention, no comfort... Or he may not survive long...the conditions may be so harsh that his little body just cannot handle it for long. This Truly is a LIFE OR DEATH situation!  

Please help us get the word out about Keegan, if you can donate that will help whoever commits to him, if not PLEASE share him with all your fb friends, twitter, email etc. EVERYWHERE! There has got to be someone out there willing to go get this precious little boy and save his life! The most important thing to do is get him out there, raise awareness for his plight. and PRAY PRAY PRAY...that somebody will come forward for him. 

He is weighing SO heavy on my heart, it just about breaks me to think of what could happen if nobody goes. I want to go get him myself, but we are already committed to Jaxon. If nobody were to go get Jaxon he will face the same fate in a few years. Who's to say Jaxon's baby house couldn't have the same thing happen..  

What if it were Ava...you saw the pictures above. WHAT IF...Ava was born in Eastern Europe...would you go get her? Would you help her all you could...? It pains me to think of the things that she would suffer, all because of that extra chromosome. My sweet sweet girl, would be left in a crib, she wouldn't have opportunity to thrive like she has. Oh the things that a loving family can do for a child. Please share this need. 

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE (said of course in the infomercial voice!) More you say...havn't you said enough, haven't you shown us enough sadness for one day, isn't that about all we can handle? 

I have to say no. There is also a sweet sweet girl weighing heavy on my heart. I just spoke of what it might be like for Ava had she been born elsewhere... let's take a look at this picture...

Meet Juliette...

Does she not look JUST like a grown up Ava!! 

Imagine for a second the scenario I painted for keegan's imminent future if no one rescues him. Now picture sweet Juliette there... she is closer to this future then we'd like to think. She is about 8-9 months older than Ava...That means she is just over two years old... 
Still young enough to experience the amazing changes and love that a family can give, young enough to hopefully not remember any bad things from her little life so far. BUT, if nobody goes for her, she has less than two years before facing the institution. 

I want to go for her SO bad! It's almost like she's ours, she looks SO much like Ava...
If she is still waiting after Jaxon is home, I would seriously consider going to get her. But I am PRAYING hard, that somebody sees her, her mommy and daddy...That somebody goes and gets her, as soon as they can! Please will you share her too. 

You can get to their pages with their information by clicking their pictures. 

Will you pray with me?

Instead of turning away, instead of saying, I can't afford to help financially, would you pray. It is FREE! it can do wonders! Would you take the next 30 days and pray for Keegan? Would you pray for Juliette? Pray that they find families! Just once a day, it won't even take more than 5 minutes of your time. Pray for  them, that God will watch over them, and that families will come forward for them. 

Will YOU take the 30 day challenge with me? 

Don't forget to pray for Jaxon too. 

Keep Looking Up!

Apr 25, 2012

Climbing The Paper Mountain

Hey everyone,

We are keeping very busy here. Finishing the unpacking, and organizing where things will go.

Setting up our new place has been so fun! Yes, after all the craziness of having to move, I am nothing but THANKFUL! Our new home is so nice. We have 3 bedrooms now which has been so great for the girls. We set up Kyah and Ava in one room, because they both sleep well, and don't bother each other. Kyah LOVES sharing a room with her "precious baby sister" as she says.

Savannah is in the other bedroom by herself, and looking forward to the day Jaxon can share with her. She tells everyone that asks, "Kyah and Ava have their own room, and I have my own room, but it's just my room and baby Jaxon's room, but right now he's not here so it's just my room, but when mommy and daddy go get baby jaxon he can sleep in my room, and it will be mine AND baby jaxon's room!" haha She shares this information with great gusto, and much excitement to anyone who will listen. (if they can understand her little squeaky voice)

We've been able to set up a small office area downstairs and kind of separate the living room and "office" with joey's cube bookshelf. I will be the first to admit when he suggested it, I was not too happy with the idea, but said we would try it and see. it has turned out GREAT! The kitchen is all organized, and I was glad to find my magnet collection in a long lost box over the weekend. ...it's the little things right! :)

We have a few more things to unpack, but for the most part things are organized and done. Our little backyard has been awesome for the girls to play in, they love how I set up their playground, and also riding their bikes around. We also have lots of paths around all the townhouses around here and lots of pretty trees and grass. it's so peaceful to take walks, and let the girls ride around. They also love to go to the "Grass Park" about a block or so of walking through the houses and paths, it opens up to one big area of grass, kind of a gap where all the houses face each other in a big circle oval kind of shape and their paths all meet to form a big grass patch in the middle. The girls LOVE running around, kicking their soccer balls etc.

Across the street and down a bit we have access to the River, and the Bike trail. We have taken two bike rides so far, and plan to make many more as the summer creeps in. We are all very excited about being so close to the river, though we probably won't swim there. Daddy especially does not like river swimming, as so many accidents happen even when being safe, with life jackets etc. So the river will probable be a dip your feet in only water experience. :) And that's just fine with me.

We are moving along with the adoption process. We had our fingerprinting done last week, it was so easy doing it electronically. No mess! I cringe at the huge fee...but it's all part of the process!
We have our first appointment with the Social worker for the home study set for next Thursday, May 3rd. So please pray for that. We are so excited to get started with that. After that we only need one more appointment with her, but all the home study paperwork needs to be completed before the second meeting. I have everything filled out that we need, except for medical forms. And we need to complete our online adoption classes. We will need to have physicals and phsycoligical evaluations, the girls need a medical form filled out by their pediatrician, and then we should be good for Homestudy paperwork. We are hoping we can get it all done before the first visit, and if not that we can get it done and set the next appointment for not long after the first one.

Most of our Dossier paperwork is in order and I will be able to complete after medicals and home study. We need to get those notarized, thankfully an awesome friend of a friend has donated their time to notarize our documents for free. We are so thankful for this, and very blessed to have that extra expense alleviated! We also had another friend who was willing to PAY for the notary so that we could still have that expense taken care of if we didn't find one that could help us. Either way God had it taken care of. We are so thankful!

Please keep us in your prayers as we move along, closer to jaxon. We have done a good amount of climbing the paperwork mountain, but we still have a huge Financial mountain to move. The total cost of this adoption is estimated around $40,000!!

Please take a look at our fundraisers, and share with your friends.

The Puzzle Fundraiser is ongoing, and we will have an update on that soon.

Our Celebrating home fundraiser is going til 5/19 and things can be purchased online, or if you are local we have order forms for the candles and accessories, and also for some AWESOME cookie dough. And if you like you can take a brochure to work or school etc, and take orders for us. After the 19th the orders will be placed and there is a 2 week period for shipping. So everyone should have their goods by June.

We are working on making flyers with our info on them to help people out asking questions, or wanting to find out more. Also photo cards to give to people that would like them.

Thankyou for your prayer support, financial support, and moral support. We are so thankful and truly appreciate every one of you!

Keep Looking Up!

Apr 20, 2012

A Guest Post...By Kelly Dirkes.

For Kelly's Birthday she would like to see a Family for Kacey! Please have a read of her post, and help in whatever way you can, whether it be a donation, prayer, or just sharing the post. Thankyou.

She begins her daily walk toward me, uneven and slightly
halting, as soon as she sees the groupa room door open.

Before long, her arms are wrapped around my leg and she is
looking up at me.

She doesn’t make a sound.  She doesn’t have to. 
Her piercing blue eyes speak volumes.

When is someone coming for me?  Can someone love me, just as I am?

And then I wake, brokenhearted all over again. 

At some point at the end of that first trip, Kacey stopped
asking me if I was her mama.  Maybe
it was hearing me respond “nyet” each time she asked.  Maybe one of her caregivers explained.  Maybe she just knew.  She simply resigned herself to being
left behind—again.

On the second and third trips, Kacey would simply hug my leg
and stare up at me.  I will never
know what Kacey was asking for in those silent moments—but I will never forget
how her body relaxed and melted into me when I would reach down and stroke her
fine blonde hair.

She deserves love all the time, not just when families are
passing through her groupa room.

She deserves comfort from a family while she recovers from
surgeries for her Apert Syndrome.

She deserves acceptance and opportunity and a family to help
her blossom.

Think about it.

Is she your daughter?

If you think she might be, please contact Reece’s Rainbow.

If adopting is not something you can do right now, please
share this blog post and her picture.

Please help me show Kacey that she isn’t forgotten—and that
there is someone, somewhere dreaming of making her their daughter.

Share the love.

Apr 11, 2012

It's Official!

Things have been busy around here. We packed up all our stuff and moved over this last weekend. Now we are trying to get settled. We were without water for a few days, so we had to go back and forth to the old place for showers etc. Couldn't do laundry or dishes. Today we now have water, hot and cold, and the gas is turned on, so we have heat! Good for a rainy day like today.

In all the commotion of moving I haven't yet been able to blog about Jaxon.

We are officially on the New Commitments page on Reece's Rainbow now. YAY!!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to see that!

So now some extra information on the adoption.

Now that we have things organized with RR, we have a FSP set up. A Family Sponsorship page.

That enables people to give donations towards our adoption that are tax deductible. You can donate this way by clicking the RR box on the side bar for our FSP, or by clicking the link HERE to our FSP.

Also If you would like to send a check the address for RR is also on the side bar to the right. Just add Jaco Family to the memo line. This method of donation saves RR paypal fees.

Also we have a Puzzle Fundraiser going that you can donate towards by clicking the Blue Chip In Box on the right side bar. Donations through Chip In are NOT tax deductible.

Hopefully we will be beginning our home study soon, and getting the paperwork in order for our Dossier. As things move along we will begin needing more funds. God has blessed u greatly to this point with allowing us to pay for everything out of pocket. Our Home Study is paid for, and all other fees til now. When I get a better idea of the immediate expenses I will let you all know.

We are praying now that the move is done, we can being moving along with everything else for this adoption, and get our boy home.

We have a $40,000 mountain to move...but we trust that God can do it!! Will you help us bring Jaxon home? If you feel led, and didn't understand the different ways to help above feel free to shoot me an email at: bringinghomejaxon@hotmail.com

Also you can leave a comment here on the blog.

We thank you all so much for your prayers and support. They mean the world to us. And to those who have donated to help us, thank you SO much!! Your donations are helping to save a life!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

Keep Looking Up!