Apr 25, 2012

Climbing The Paper Mountain

Hey everyone,

We are keeping very busy here. Finishing the unpacking, and organizing where things will go.

Setting up our new place has been so fun! Yes, after all the craziness of having to move, I am nothing but THANKFUL! Our new home is so nice. We have 3 bedrooms now which has been so great for the girls. We set up Kyah and Ava in one room, because they both sleep well, and don't bother each other. Kyah LOVES sharing a room with her "precious baby sister" as she says.

Savannah is in the other bedroom by herself, and looking forward to the day Jaxon can share with her. She tells everyone that asks, "Kyah and Ava have their own room, and I have my own room, but it's just my room and baby Jaxon's room, but right now he's not here so it's just my room, but when mommy and daddy go get baby jaxon he can sleep in my room, and it will be mine AND baby jaxon's room!" haha She shares this information with great gusto, and much excitement to anyone who will listen. (if they can understand her little squeaky voice)

We've been able to set up a small office area downstairs and kind of separate the living room and "office" with joey's cube bookshelf. I will be the first to admit when he suggested it, I was not too happy with the idea, but said we would try it and see. it has turned out GREAT! The kitchen is all organized, and I was glad to find my magnet collection in a long lost box over the weekend. ...it's the little things right! :)

We have a few more things to unpack, but for the most part things are organized and done. Our little backyard has been awesome for the girls to play in, they love how I set up their playground, and also riding their bikes around. We also have lots of paths around all the townhouses around here and lots of pretty trees and grass. it's so peaceful to take walks, and let the girls ride around. They also love to go to the "Grass Park" about a block or so of walking through the houses and paths, it opens up to one big area of grass, kind of a gap where all the houses face each other in a big circle oval kind of shape and their paths all meet to form a big grass patch in the middle. The girls LOVE running around, kicking their soccer balls etc.

Across the street and down a bit we have access to the River, and the Bike trail. We have taken two bike rides so far, and plan to make many more as the summer creeps in. We are all very excited about being so close to the river, though we probably won't swim there. Daddy especially does not like river swimming, as so many accidents happen even when being safe, with life jackets etc. So the river will probable be a dip your feet in only water experience. :) And that's just fine with me.

We are moving along with the adoption process. We had our fingerprinting done last week, it was so easy doing it electronically. No mess! I cringe at the huge fee...but it's all part of the process!
We have our first appointment with the Social worker for the home study set for next Thursday, May 3rd. So please pray for that. We are so excited to get started with that. After that we only need one more appointment with her, but all the home study paperwork needs to be completed before the second meeting. I have everything filled out that we need, except for medical forms. And we need to complete our online adoption classes. We will need to have physicals and phsycoligical evaluations, the girls need a medical form filled out by their pediatrician, and then we should be good for Homestudy paperwork. We are hoping we can get it all done before the first visit, and if not that we can get it done and set the next appointment for not long after the first one.

Most of our Dossier paperwork is in order and I will be able to complete after medicals and home study. We need to get those notarized, thankfully an awesome friend of a friend has donated their time to notarize our documents for free. We are so thankful for this, and very blessed to have that extra expense alleviated! We also had another friend who was willing to PAY for the notary so that we could still have that expense taken care of if we didn't find one that could help us. Either way God had it taken care of. We are so thankful!

Please keep us in your prayers as we move along, closer to jaxon. We have done a good amount of climbing the paperwork mountain, but we still have a huge Financial mountain to move. The total cost of this adoption is estimated around $40,000!!

Please take a look at our fundraisers, and share with your friends.

The Puzzle Fundraiser is ongoing, and we will have an update on that soon.

Our Celebrating home fundraiser is going til 5/19 and things can be purchased online, or if you are local we have order forms for the candles and accessories, and also for some AWESOME cookie dough. And if you like you can take a brochure to work or school etc, and take orders for us. After the 19th the orders will be placed and there is a 2 week period for shipping. So everyone should have their goods by June.

We are working on making flyers with our info on them to help people out asking questions, or wanting to find out more. Also photo cards to give to people that would like them.

Thankyou for your prayer support, financial support, and moral support. We are so thankful and truly appreciate every one of you!

Keep Looking Up!

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