Apr 11, 2012

It's Official!

Things have been busy around here. We packed up all our stuff and moved over this last weekend. Now we are trying to get settled. We were without water for a few days, so we had to go back and forth to the old place for showers etc. Couldn't do laundry or dishes. Today we now have water, hot and cold, and the gas is turned on, so we have heat! Good for a rainy day like today.

In all the commotion of moving I haven't yet been able to blog about Jaxon.

We are officially on the New Commitments page on Reece's Rainbow now. YAY!!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to see that!

So now some extra information on the adoption.

Now that we have things organized with RR, we have a FSP set up. A Family Sponsorship page.

That enables people to give donations towards our adoption that are tax deductible. You can donate this way by clicking the RR box on the side bar for our FSP, or by clicking the link HERE to our FSP.

Also If you would like to send a check the address for RR is also on the side bar to the right. Just add Jaco Family to the memo line. This method of donation saves RR paypal fees.

Also we have a Puzzle Fundraiser going that you can donate towards by clicking the Blue Chip In Box on the right side bar. Donations through Chip In are NOT tax deductible.

Hopefully we will be beginning our home study soon, and getting the paperwork in order for our Dossier. As things move along we will begin needing more funds. God has blessed u greatly to this point with allowing us to pay for everything out of pocket. Our Home Study is paid for, and all other fees til now. When I get a better idea of the immediate expenses I will let you all know.

We are praying now that the move is done, we can being moving along with everything else for this adoption, and get our boy home.

We have a $40,000 mountain to move...but we trust that God can do it!! Will you help us bring Jaxon home? If you feel led, and didn't understand the different ways to help above feel free to shoot me an email at: bringinghomejaxon@hotmail.com

Also you can leave a comment here on the blog.

We thank you all so much for your prayers and support. They mean the world to us. And to those who have donated to help us, thank you SO much!! Your donations are helping to save a life!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!

Keep Looking Up!

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