Feb 22, 2011


Here goes... HELLO Blog world.

I have a lot I could talk about...but for my first post I will focus on today. I am thankful that I have a today. I very well could have lost my tomorrows. But God saw fit to preserve me, and I plan on using what He's given me to Glorify Him.  There will be Happy Posts and there will be Sad posts, but most of all I want to be real. I want to show you that God is Good, ALL the time. Without Him, we are nothing...I owe my life to Him. So if you care to join me on this blogging journey, come along for the ride. I hope you leave here feeling blessed, and thankful, for even in the hardest of times, we are blessed!

Today... we had a family outing, the first one of leisure. It was nice. We ate. I got a Haircut. I got to walk Hand in Hand with my awesome hubby, because I didn't have my cane or walker. *Bliss* We came home and rested. I laid with Ava, watching her smile and coo, oh how i love to hear her talk to me! I received a package today with the Robin Jones Gunn books I ordered with my birthday money from mum and dad, it was thrilling. I LOVE her writings! (If you havn't read anything from her, start with the Christy Miller Series...and if you have young daughters, she's the perfect author for them too.)

A Little info about our family...for those that don't know.

I'm Karly Jaco, wife to Joseph Jaco, Mom or Mum to Kyah, Savannah, and Ava. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. So you'll have to excuse my accent. :)  There is a lot of background that I could share...and I will. As days go by, I will share  thoughts, memories, good times and bad. We have been through a lot recently, and still have hard times ahead. But I will keep Looking Up! For I know the one who holds tomorrow.

My Husband, Joey, is currently Mr Mom. He is doing an awesome job taking care of the kids, helping me, looking after us all and taking good care of us. This is the man, that can't cook, doesn't clean etc. He has stepped up to the plate and found out first-hand what being a stay at home parent is. I'm so proud of him, as he cares for us, and the housework, while also spending many hours studying and attending Greek and other miscellaneous Bible classes to gain further knoweledge of our Great God and share it with others. He has not been able to return to work, and we have been so blessed by his co-workers donating their vacation time for him to be able to have some pay, after he maxed out his and used up family leave. Oh what a blessing they have been. Even offering to hold a fundraiser for us. Amazing!!

We have had a lot of help from friends, coming to stay with us and help, buying groceries, making meals (which are awesome for the "can't cook" hubby), love offerings from churches, and grocery gift cards. Many people from our sister churches coming to clean, and spend time in fellowship.  We could not have survived without your help!! We are so grateful.

On a Different note..

Kyah is currently enjoying doing "school". every day she asks me "can we do school now mommy?" So we whip out her pre-school book, and i am constantly amazed at her skills. I am so proud of my growing girl. She has been through a lot too. She has been well aware of things going on, and has done well for her age. My baby girl is growing up! I told her today that she was my baby girl and she said, "mommy I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl. And I'm gonna get bigger, and bigger and bigger, and then i can get my ooooown lunch from the pantry, and my own breakfast, and my ooown Dinner!!" (with a big grin on her face) I just smiled and told her "yes, soon you'll be as big as mommy. You're growing up" I love moments like that, snuggled up, talking, giving and receiving sweet sloppy kisses and tickles. ah, to be a mom! I love it.

Savannah (aka JoJo), her new thing is saying, "no my not, my jojo" whenever you label her anything but jojo. today i exclaimed "Oh boy!" and she said "no mommy I not a boy I a girl!" then she prodceeded to walk around saying, " Oh boy, Oh girl" lol She also loves to jump on daddy's bed. (matresses on the floor) and according to her its a trampolene. You absolutely cannot convinvce her otherwise. and she often rechecks with me and asks "that daddy's trampoline? not bed" of course she wins cos how much more fun is a trampoline than just a bed! :) Her little mind runs just as wild as she does. And we can't get enough of her. She is full-on all the time. oh, she's not a devil by the way, i tried calling her a daredevil earlier and she told me she was jojo!  Her sweet belly laugh and scrunched up eyes could melt anyones heart. God bless her she's a handful, but we love her just the same.

Ava..well she's just as sweet as ever. Talking to me for hours today. Cooing and gooing, a giggle hear and there. Eating her bottles like a champ, and growing great. God is healing her heart and she is thriving!  I read her a book today, she went back and forth from staring intently at the pictures, to staring up at me and smiling that radiant whole face smile she's known for, and talking back to me. She is such a Joy!

Well, that's all from me today. I hope to continue with pictures and updates, as well as telling our story. Little by Little you will get to hear it all. I hope and pray that I can be a blessing in sharing this, and that you will see God's goodness through all things.

Keep Looking Up!

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