Sep 12, 2011


It was September 12th for me...when I first heard the devastating news of 9/11. (we lived in Sydney Australia at the time)

I was 15 years old, and sick with a cold, I had been home from school for a couple days.

I was lying in bed that morning not feeling well, when my little sister rushed into my room saying, "mum said you have to come see the news, It's the worst thing since Pearl Harbor!!"

I flung my sheets back and jumped out of bed, but I paused for a second, staring at the Pearl Harbor movie poster that hung on the back of my bedroom door...I wondered how my world was about to change.

I walked into the living room to see images of the twin towers burning, My mum explained to me what had happened, and I went and got my blanket from my bed and lay on the couch. I remember thinking, I'm glad it was at night, at least there was probably nobody there. Then the time difference hit me, and churned my stomach as I realized it happened at one of the worst possible times it could have.

My mum and sister left, and I cannot tell you where my dad was, I'm pretty sure he was already at work in the city.

I sat there dumbfounded watching the news, I watched some things played over and over, I had a horrible gut-wrenching feeling, and kept putting myself in those people's place. I felt for the people that were stuck and could't imagine that feeling of hopelessness. I watched as people jumped, or fell...

I then called my mum, and told her how horrible it was, there were people jumping and falling, it was SO sad. She told me I needed to stop watching, she said it wasn't good for me to keep watching, it was too upsetting for me.

So I went and turned off the tv, went to lay in my bed, only to instantly get back up and turn on the tv.  I had to know what was going on...

I closed my eyes and prayed my heart out, so many times that day. I cried, I sobbed, my heart ached for all those people, those who lost their lives, those family members who didn't know where there loved ones where, those who did because they had taken heart-wrenching phone calls from them before they lost them. All those lives affected and hearts torn apart...

I prayed that those that didn't know the Lord, turned to Him, I prayed that there were people sharing the gospel with them...

I don't remember a lot more about that day other than being glued to the t.v, feeling horrible already from being sick, and my mum calling me constantly telling me to eat, to rest, to turn off the tv. There was just such shock and disbelief.

Such a helpless feeling, like I should be doing something, but couldn't. Looking at rubble and debris I prayed that rescuers could get to those still alive. I worried that there were those that survived that would still lose their lives for not being found in time. Those that were their lives would be changed by what they had seen. Those that survived haunted by the memories. So many horrible things.

But at the same time, I saw the unification of a country...of our country standing beside them, of nations coming together to support the USA in their time of need.

Since that day, I moved to California. My first September 11th in the USA was spent in Wisconsin, with close family friends, that are practically family. We grew up together in Australia. I sat with my "second mum" and watched the was heart-breaking. I have not always watched the memorials. Sometimes it is just too much. I catch pictures on the internet, and clips here and there.

I met my wonderful husband since that day...we have now been married for FIVE years...
We have three beautiful children, the first of which I had a big labor scare on sept 11th 2007. But she waited til the 22nd.

This past year, we have endured great trial in our lives.

This 10th anniversary of Sept 11th, hit hard. It is much different to remember that day, now as an American, then it was as a child in Australia. I am reminded of that day, the horrible feelings, I am reminded to pray for those that still mourn those lost that day.

But I am also reminded of all the blessings, we each live through each day. I serve a God who was there that day. He holds the world in His hands...many people will question, "Where was God on september 11th" Many will tell you He was right there. The massive devastation is should not be forgotten or belittled...yet it could have been much worse. How many people are out there today, living breathing, having children etc. thanks to someone that saved their life on that day. How many stories have you heard of people that were running late for work, missed the bus, got caught in traffic, just left the building...

I always try to look at things like that in a positive light, it is hard at times to see the little annoyances in life as positive but I remind myself, that God knows what He's doing...He could be preventing me from being in an accident down the road, from seeing something horrific, He could be shielding me, and I don't even realize.

There is so much that we don't see in our own human beings, there is so much we don't understand.

One thing I do know is many people have a greater appreciation for life now. We hug a little tighter, kiss a little longer, say, I love you, when we mean it.

Don't wait til something tragic happens to you or others, Share the gospel NOW...tell those you love, that you love them, NOW...

We are not guaranteed tomorrow...

Yesterday, Kyah came in to find me watching something on the computer about 9/11. She asked me, "what's that mommy?"
I tried to carefully explain as best I could to a four year old, what happened that day. She doesn't need to know all the details, one day she will, one day she will understand better, but I hope she never has to experience anything like it.

I simply told her, "Well, honey, ten years ago some very bad people crashed into those buildings, The picture on the screen was the twin towers burning) and lots of people were hurt, and lots of people died. But there were lots of nice people who helped out, and saved people. We should pray for all those people so they don't feel sad. We should pray for God to comfort them, and that they can know Him" She agreed with me, saying something like, "Yes mommy, that's so sad, but God can help them feel better"

May we never forget, the events of that day.

And may we protect the lives of those we love the best we can, entrust them to God. And remember the lives of those lost since then, fighting for our freedom. Those lost due to those events, illness, injuries, taking their own lives.

And Remember Every life deserves a chance. When you consider all the life lost and wish you could help, find ways you can, there are many lives taken every day in this country that have not yet been given the chance to see the light of day.  Imagine if they were all put on display all at one time for all to see...we are living through tragedies Every day! 1000's of lives lost every day... Do what you can to spread awareness...share the gospel...and let's pray that God will save many souls from this day forward.


(sorry if this post is a little jumbled, it was understandably filled with emotion and hard to write at times) God bless

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