Oct 29, 2011


I simply cannot believe it has been a whole year since Ava was born! We have had an extremely busy day, being at church most of the day, the to the park for Ava's party. I will elaborate on all this later, as I am extremely exhausted, and quite overwhelmed with emotion right now. It's amazing how much can just come flooding back after a year. Oh boy! We are so blessed with our family and friends, we are so thankful for all you all have done for us. We are thankful for our precious little blessing! Oh, she's so wonderful!

For now I will leave you with a "birthday preview" and a song that a good friend sent to me for Ava's birthday. It's perfect. Thankyou sweet friend! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY AVA!!

She was quite please when everyone sang Happy Birthday, Daddy sang it right to her with a couple of nose pushes and tickles...she giggled and laughed the whole time! So sweet! 

Keep Looking UP!

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