Nov 1, 2012

Help Save Another...

You may think I'm raise money for another orphan you say...when you still have so much fundraising to do for your own family...??

Why Yes! The Goal: $1000. Nov1st through Dec 31st. Can you help us reach it. I will be advocating for sweet Sean to find a family, and help raise his fund. He currently has $10. Funds are a huge part of what stands in the way of these children finding families.

While I myself have struggled with the financial aspect at times, I have to trust that God will continue to provide. He gave us the start up funds, and we have been so blessed and have not been in want of funds when a need has risen in this adoption journey. Let's help bless another family with the beginning finances of their adoption, and let's pray that his family will come forward, and be encouraged. There are families out there...

We still have about $28,000 to go...but Sean...his goal for the next two months is to raise $1000. Can we do it? I think we can! I will be crafting Hair Clips, headbands etc to sell for funds for Sean. There will most likely be an auction. And those who donate $35 straight to his fund, will receive an ornament with his picture on it.

I have included the little button on the right side of the blog to make it easier if you'd like to donate.

Let's help our little guy's buddy find a family, and increase his fund!!

Keep Looking Up! 

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