May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

As I sit here, I think about all we thought would have been, and all that has come.

This time last year we baked cupcakes, we celebrated you in hopes that by your next birthday we would celebrate with you.

What a year we have had!

Today would have been your second birthday!

But rather than dwell on what might have been, we will celebrate what is.

On May 14th, were born.  You may have been celebrated, maybe not, but you spent your days in an orphanage. Not knowing the love of a mommy, or daddy, or big sisters...

While we grieve the chance to show you love, to give you a family, to celebrate with you. We will celebrate YOU! That you were born, that you were here on this earth, and that you made difference. In all the lives of those who saw your precious picture, those who loved you, and I'm sure those who cared for you and knew you were touched in some way.

We are gearing up to go get your big brother, practically  twin for Ava. Someday I will be able to tell his story too.

Today, I have a vision in my mind...however "make believe" it may be, it is a comfort to think about.

I picture you sitting on Poppy's knee, as he shows you how to play the drums, I can picture you looking up at him, and him smiling down at you. I picture Grandma Alta... and her big smile, I'm sure she'd love to pick you up and dance with you, and feed you birthday cake! Grandma sure loved to feed the babies cake and spoil them!

So much has changed in a year, and often times it is hard to think about, hard to fathom, just hard. But today, we celebrate. Your life. Short as it may have been, it made a difference.

We love you baby boy! Happy Birthday!

Keep Looking Up!

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