Jul 25, 2012

Car Wash and Lunch!

Update: We made about $500 with the carwash and lunch fundraiser. Thank
you to all those who came out and helped, and those who showed up to have their cars washed, including friends, who stayed and helped. We are truly thankful .

This Saturday July 28th we will be having a car wash at Scott's corner.

On the corner of Arden and Eastern in Sacramento.

We'd love to see lots of our local friends come out for this, as well as others in the community!

Fat Daddy's Frankfurters will be there too selling hot dogs, chips and drinks!

If your car needs a wash, or you get hungry on saturdays...COME SEE US!

FB link to the event here: Carwash!

For any new visitors to the Blog, if you would like updates on FB or need any info on our fundraising efforts and future plans. Please leave a comment and I can add you to FB.

Keep Looking Up! 

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