Jul 16, 2012

A Giveaway For Kenzi ~ Matching Grant!

UPDATE: The Morse's reached their matching grant!!  Christina Scott is the winner of the Canvas Giveaway! Thank you to those who participated! 

If you haven't already, please go check out The Huge Giveaway going on right now for Kenzi on Priscilla's Blog.

So here's the deal...
Someone offered a $1000 matching grant to help Kenzi home.
We need to make sure that the Morse's meet this goal and double their money.

If we reach this goal and get the matching grant, they will only be $4000 away from being FULLY FUNDED!

So I am hosting a BONUS GIVEAWAY!!

That's right, aside from the MANY wonderful prizes you can win in the giveaway going on RIGHT NOW! You can also win a BONUS prize.

For Each $10 donation to Kenzi's Big Giveaway you will receive an entry into the bonus giveaway.

The Prize...

Your Choice of a Custom Photo Canvas.

Pictures by yours truly.

If you like the Beach...

Or Waterfalls...

or Flowers...

or Sydney...

or Animals...

Mr Tiger and Baby Giraffe happen to be my favorites!! 

Take your pick!! If you'd like to win YOUR CHOICE of one of these images on your own custom photo canvas. Go here to enter the giveaway. Leave a comment for Priscilla or me to let us know and we will enter you into this bonus giveaway. AND don't forget...by sharing Kenzi's Giveaway on fb, or your blog, you earn FREE entries into the giveaway!

Let's Bring Kenzi Home!! 

Keep Looking Up! 

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