Jan 12, 2013

A commitment

Hi Blog Readers,

I apologize for not being very active in the blogosphere lately.
Things have been quite busy!
We have recently switched countries that we are adopting from, and
are moving forward with ourpaperchase.

Prayerfully we will be able to get it all done quickly and get things moving to bring "Baby Brother" home ASAP!

I am writing today to make a commitment.

Last year I had the idea of Find a Family Friday posts.
As Joey's schedule at work goes, he works extra hours for 9 days, and has every other friday off.
So, we typically used his off days to work on adoption things or try to have some family time. Also that is Ava's music therapy day.

Each of the children I shared on one of those posts now has a family...

That being said, I will begin doing Find A Family posts again, but I am committing to doing them for one child each month. When I wrote my first one, I set a challenge. A challenge to us all to commit to praying for the child for the next 30 days. Just 5 minutes a day, to pray, and possibly help save a life....

Doing one post a month will relieve the pressure of having to do a new post every week, while in a busy season of our lives with this adoption process, but it will also allow the focus to be on that child for the 30 days, to pray, share and advocate for that child. Prayerfully by the time we get the the next Find A Family post the child will have found a family.

Will you join me in this journey? Help me share the needs of these precious children, whether they have been abandoned because they have Down syndrome, HIV, CP or any other "special need". Will you help?

I have declared this year to be a Year of Hope. I pray it will be so... 2012, wasn't the greatest year for us...but after the storm comes a rainbow.

Continue to pray for us on our adoption journey, we are so encouraged by your support! 


Keep Looking Up! 

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