Mar 1, 2011

A Pregnancy Story... Kyah.

January 2007

A few months after the miscarriage, we were still trying to have a baby. It was pretty scary, not knowing if the same thing would happen again. But losing a baby also gave us an even stronger desire for a child.

It was January 6th, I will never forget that day...I woke up feeling kind of nauseas, but we had a wedding to go to, so I went about getting ready for the day. I skipped breakfast, since I was not feling so good. When I brushed my teeth that morning I could not stop gagging. I barely got the tooth brush in my mouth and I was gagging. One thought came to mind, it was something my sister-in-law Dayna had told me. " I first knew i was pregnant, because I gagged when I brushed my teeth." Could it be? I felt a little excited, but also decided not to dwell on it too much, I told myself, If I keep waking up sick every day, then I can be excited, only time will tell...

We went along to the wedding, and I actually ended up having a conversation with a friend about pregnancy, and getting pregnant etc. I thought it was interesting that she had brought it up, and I mentioned that I may not have to worry about "trying" to get pregnant anymore. I felt kind of silly telling her about the toothbrush incident, but she also thought it could mean something, and was excited with me.

Fast forward about a week, I went to the store to get a pregnancy test, I had taken a couple during that week, and in reference to that, the tests that say they can tell sooner are ridiculous! I wasted a few tests, but i thought since I had woken up gagging and even throwing up, surely I would get a positive test. Finally, the day had come, I took the tests home, and I took one. It was POSITIVE!!! Oh, I was SO thrilled, I cried. Then I called Joey and asked him if I could bring him something for lunch.  He seemed sucpicious as to why I wanted to come meet him, but agreed. I then went about putting together a gift for Joey, soon to be DADDY! 

I had purchased a card, on the front there was a black and white picture of a little boy and a little girl, backs to the camera. The inside was blank, but I wrote. Dear Daddy, I can't wait to meet you in 9 months! Love, Luke or Leah. ( we've always loved the name luke for a son, and leah was nixed pretty much right away, after i found out the whole star wars brother sister thing!)  I included in the gift a bib that said I LOVE DADDY, and the test.

I picked up some lunch and headed to Joey's work. He kept giving me that, " I know something's up grin" so i gave him the gift. He pulled out the bib, and looked at me. He had the biggest grin on his face and I showed him the test. We hugged and kissed, and he read the card, telling me it was so cute, and then of course we discussed a bunch of baby related things, how he suspected what I was going to tell him, (I'd been throwing up daily!) and about what the baby would be, how we were so excited. He even talked to my belly.

I continued to throw up daily, all day every day, I threw up. Whether I ate or not, I tried EVERYTHING. I tried, the crackers before bed, before i woke up, drinking lots, snacking, not snacking, ginger, I tried preggo pops, seabands, i still have all kinds of tea that I tried, chamomile, peppermint, African Black tea.  It was miserable, I was losing weight, feeling horrid, and couldn't function very well.  At 8 weeks, we went and got our first ultrasound, it was so beautiful to see that tiny little bean, or gummy bear as I liked to say.  This was the appointment where I met my wonderful Nurse Stone. I couldn't see my OB and they were going to push the appointment back to 12 weeks, so I changed it. That was one of the most blessed things to happen to us. She has been magnificent over the years.

It was after this ultrasound that we announced to the church that we were expecting, and also asked for prayers, as I was super sick, and unable to keep anything down at all. We told my mum and dad by giving them bibs that said I love grandma and I love Grandpa. (but they are now named, Nana and Poppy, Aussie grandparent names)  They were kind of shocked, but happy for us.

By about 12 weeks I had another appointment and found that I had lost over 10 pounds!! My nurse said she was prescribing me medecine to reduce the nausea, it worked the first time I took it, then it didn't work anymore. She prescribed me the strongest stuff she had, Zofran, also used to treat nausea and vomitting in chemo patients. It worked well most of the time, but if I didn't take it as soon as I woke up, before I evn got out of  bed I would be throwing up, and some days I threw up the medication. It was one long sick road!

I had a few scares, one of them was chest pain and having sharp pains when I would breathe in, they found that to be loosening of the joints in my ribcage. Another was diagnosed as a burst ovarian cyst. I had extremem abdominal pain, and ended up in the hospital overnight, my Nurse saw that on arrival my iron was normal, but the next day it had dramatically dropped, hence the burst cyst diagnosis.

At about 19 weeks we found out we were having a girl!

Joey decided that we should name her with a K name, since my mum's name is Karen, I'm Karly. He wanted to keep the K's going. I panicked. I looked up all kinds of K names, and didn't like any of them. I wanted a girl name that sounded pretty, not harsh. All the girl names i could find sounded harsh to me. We knew that we were going to use the middle name Sydney. Joey rolled over towards me in bed one night, and shared that he liked the name sydney. I said that I didn't like it for a first name, but it might make a nice middle name. So, I went through countless K names matching them with Sydney, and couldn't find one I liked. My mum ended up sending me a list of names she found. I read through them and saw the name Kaia, said ky-ah. It said that it was of greek origin and meant pure. I liked the "sound it out" spelling, so i wrote it down. Kyah Sydney...Kyah...Kyah Sydney Jaco. I emailed Joey with the name, expecting the no i had received to every other name suggestion. He said I like it. I could hardly believe it, I had a little "we just named our baby" moment. Then i danced around and laughed and cheered with the little boy I was nannying. He liked the name too. But it was our little secret until she would be born.

I took medication the whole pregnancy, it worked pretty well most of the time. I was also pretty exausted from feeling nauseas a lot, and not feeling like anything to eat. Though I did crave a lot of Aussie things.

 We took a trip to Australia when I was about 27 weeks. The trip there wasn't too bad, we did a lot of visiting friends, touristy things, visiting my family, and I did pretty well.


 Some friends even threw me a baby shower.

I realized at 30 weeks that I was so done! I didn't want to do anything, or go anywhere, I wanted to be home, but dreaded the 15 hour flight! I vowed to never travel to Australia while pregnant again. (stay tuned to see how that went!)

On September 10th, I started having contractions, I was buckled over on the bed, and everytime one hit I would think this is it, when  it stopped I thought, this musn't be it, they stopped, then another one would hit.  What a ride!  After about an hour or so, we called my pastor's wife, and they suggested coming over to hop in the spa. I was nervous, yet excited at the prospect of having the baby, I was so ready!

It was so relaxing to be in the hot tub...but too relaxing. It relaxed away the contractions. I had strong contractions for about 4 hours.  I was relieved the pain was gone, but also disappointed, and sore.  I really thought I was going to be having Kyah that day.  It wasn't to be.

It was not until a few of the longest days later the I really went into Labor. September 20th...I remember it like it was yesterday. Stay tuned...

Keep Looking Up!

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