Jan 19, 2012

Oh Be Careful Little Ears...

So today, I had to take Ava for her follow up appointment with the Audiologist.

The appointment went well, but the results were not so good.

She responded well when the lady talked to her through the speakers, looking in the right directions, babbling in response. She even said "Hi!" When the lady said "Hi Ava" to her through the speaker.  I had to work hard not to make noise in excitement over that.

She wasn't responding to the softer sounds though. She did sign more to me when the sounds stopped. It was quite cute, she grabbed my hands and did the motions.

On a side note, she does that now, there are certain signs that she can't quite get her hands to do yet, so she grabs mine and does it. It's really cute when she grabs my hand and brings it up to my mouth, and back down, then up again. I say "oh, you want a drink" haha Then if you don't go get one quick enough, she grabs your hand again and brings it to HER mouth. "C'mon mom...is this not obvious enough. lol

Back to the appointment. She then checked inside her ears, and found that there is still fluid sitting in her ears. So we will now have to go see an ENT. She has had fluid sitting there since November according to the Audiologists records, that doesn't mean it's constant, but both times she's seen her she has had it. So, we need to do something to fix it, before it causes any hearing loss.

Ava has little ears, with very tiny ear canals, so it is easy for fluid to be retained in her tiny ears.
Please pray for her as we go see the ENT on Feb 1st, and see what they think the next step should be.

The way the audiologist described her hearing is as if she had a cold and can't pop her ears. I personally get so frustrated when I have a cold and feel like my head is stuck in the clouds, and can't clear my ears, so i feel bad for my precious Ava hearing everything as if she has ear plugs in.  No wonder she yells so loud sometimes. haha

Keep us in prayer, especially Ava as we try to resolve this issue. We are thankful for the good health God has given her so far. We are also hoping to be able to see the cardiologist soon too. We know that her fourth hole hasn't closed up yet, because her Pediatrician can still hear the murmur. But we are praying that it continues to heal like the others, and won't need surgery.

Thankyou all for your continued support of us and Ava. We are so thankful for faithful friends.

Keep Looking Up!

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