Jan 25, 2012

Some Ava Goodness.

Here's an awesome video of Ava "standing" / balancing with the ball for help. I was SO excited for her. She is getting so big, I'm so proud of her. This is for those of you who may not be on fb, and missed it.  Enjoy!

I have also found that working with her later at night after her big sisters are in bed can prove to be pretty awesome. The one-on-one time, the quiet...it all just works together to allow her to show of some of her amazing skills. Haha Last night When her sisters were not laying down, I ant and got her out of her crib to be with me while they calmed down.  She showed me that when there's a wall nearby she can stand!! WOO HOO! I will post pictures and video of that, when my phone decides to cooperate with uploading. I will also then be able to post the video I got of Ava in the ball pit yesterday! What a Riot! Can't wait to share that one!

Bye for now.

Keep Looking Up!

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